AmnioTek™-C FDA Registration No. MDR-09052B
AmnioTek™-C is a proven effective treatment for a host of ocular surface conditions.

Each disc of AmnioTek™-C is 12 mm in diameter.

AmnioTek™2 FDA Registration No. MDR-09052A
AmnioTek™2 is a double layered graft so it can be put in any orientation as both surfaces are stromal surfaces.

The size of each piece of AmnioTek™2 is 3 x 3 cm.

ISP Surgical, USA

Eye Drapes

Pre-Cut FDA Registration No. MDR-06872B
Bioflex Eye Drape with Pouch 100cm x 120cm

Non Pre-Cut FDA Registration No. MDR-06872A
Bioflex Eye Drape with Pouch 100cm x 120cm

Surgitech Innovation, India

Trypan Blue

Blue Rhexis FDA Registration No. MDR-09446A
Trypan Blue Solution 0.06% Sterile Solution
(1mL vial)

Contacare Ophthalmics and Diagnostics, India

IO-Blue FDA Registration No. MDR-06707
IO-BLUE Trypan Blue Ophthalmic Solution
(1mL vial)

Surgitech Innovation, India