Company Profile

I-Senz Medical, Inc. is a national company established in March 29, 2007. It is one of the few companies specializing in ophthalmological products in the Philippines.

Its brand name, I-SENZ is derived from two English root words…EYE & SENSES. The two represent the main components of the organization, which also serves as the pivot point of all business activities and organizational capability-building efforts of the company.

Our main objective is to build a core competence and esteemed reputation in the field of medicine, sourced from world-class partners, manufacturers and key players abroad.

With its unique set-up, pricing, promotional strategies and after sales service, the company is poised to become a major player in the medical supplies industry in the near term.

The company is also a licensed wholesaler, making available potent products, through its various affiliate companies and manages “licensed-in” and “licensed-out” products for marketing and distribution by other companies.

I-Senz Medical, Incorporated has set high standards, value integrity, honesty and dedication to our work and to our company. We will continuously search for better means to improve the way we do business, recognize the importance of working together for capability building, and nurturing the innovative spirit of our young, never-say-die, talented, entrepreneurial employees. We are deliberately moving towards one common goal for operations — to be No. 1 in the Philippine Ophthalmology Market and other fields of medicine.

Flexibility, excellent service, high quality products and aggressive promotional tactics will help us secure our place in the national pharmaceutical industry. We will continuously strive for genuine customer satisfaction and lasting partnerships, providing timely and effective solutions to the needs of our external and internal customers, and developing strong bond by providing efficient and reliable products and support services.